Wireless Headphones for Working Out

August 5, 2016

Are your corded headphones cramping your style at the gym? Are you tired of the cord flailing about during cardio sessions, or getting in the way while you're lifting weights? No matter what the case might be — if you're paying more attention to the cord on your headphones than you are to the workout that's in front of you — maybe it's time to invest in some wireless headphones for working out.

Wireless headphones are more comfortable to wear, with the added benefit of potentially improving your performance in the gym. We know you might have a soft spot for your tried and true wired headphones, and don't worry, we're not asking you to stop using them — just stop using them at the gym. If you want to take your fitness seriously, it's time to get some wireless headphones for working out.

You might say that's easier said than done. With so many models on the market, how do you know what you should be looking for? In this article we're going to help answer that question for you and list the top features you should be looking for in a new set of wireless headphones for working out.

Wireless Headphones for Working Out: What to Look For

  • Comfort

    Comfort is at the top of this list for a reason. Everything else on the list doesn't matter if the headphones aren't comfortable to wear. You want to be able to enjoy your workouts, not dread them because of having a set of headphones that clamp down too hard on your head. Ideally, when it comes to headphones for the gym, it shouldn't feel like you're wearing anything at all. The more you can stay focused on your workout the better.

  • Stability

    When it comes to stability in headphones, we're talking about the headphones' ability to stay on your head while you're moving. If you're running, do your headphones fall off? If you bend down to pick up a weight, do your headphones stay in place? This is a feature not often considered until people actually get to the gym and they realize how often they have to readjust their headphones. The best headphones for the gym are ones that stay firm on your head and allow you to pay attention to putting in work.

  • Sound Quality

    For music lovers, sound quality is a consideration with any type of headphones they buy. With wireless headphones for the gym, the considerations are a little different compared to headphones you would use elsewhere. For example, of course you want headphones that sound good, but at the gym it's important to be aware of your surroundings as well. It could be dangerous to completely tune out by wearing noise canceling headphones. However, that means sacrificing a bit of sound quality, but we believe it's a worthy trade off when talking about your personal safety.

  • Performance

    Your headphones for the gym should be able to do more for you at the gym, such as absorb sweat — wait, what? Since when can headphones wick sweat off your face? It's time to start expecting more out of your fitness gear, including your headphones. In addition to meeting every other requirement on this list, RunPhones Wireless Bluetooth headphones are built with a moisture-wicking headband, which has the ability to keep you cool and dry during your workouts. Best of all, it's completely machine washable, so there's no need to keep wearing that same sweaty headband over and over again.

  • Conclusion

    Comfort, stability, sound quality, and performance are the top features you should be looking for in wireless headphones for working out. Our wireless headphones are built with each one of those considerations in mind, and you can start upping your game in the gym today for much less than the cost of competing headphones. See why RunPhones headphones are the world's most secure headphones for running and exercising.

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