Upgrade Your Runners Gear for Fall and Winter

November 21, 2016

Upgrade Your Runners Gear for Fall and Winter

Getting caught outside in the wrong weather conditions, without the right runners gear, can put an end to your workout in a hurry. This is becoming even more of a concern as we enter the fall and winter months. However, that doesn't mean you have to move your running workouts indoors throughout the colder months of the year. We believe the right runners gear can keep you running outside well into the fall and winter months.

We have previously written about the benefits of running outside, and feel those are benefits you should be taking advantage as often as possible. There's no need to sit it out indoors when the weather is a little bit cold or rainy. Gear up and get out there like it was any other day.

As a runner, the one thing you don't run away from are challenges. In fact, you're more likely to embrace them. Finding the right runners' gear for the right season is another one of those challenges. The challenge here is to overcome the elements, and tell Mother Nature nothing gets between you and your favorite hobby.

Runners Gear For Fall and Winter Months

  • Pants and Tights

    It's time to put away the shorts and light pants, and break out the warm and weather-resistant runners gear. If you don't already have some from last year, it's time to go shopping for a pair of pants or tights that are specifically made to be worn outdoors in colder months. Those will help you stay warm while running outdoors in the colder months to come.

  • Headgear

    When running in cold weather, ideally you want to be covering as much of the head and face as possible. This can be done with gear such as a balaclava on those extreme cold days, or a simple headband on moderately cold days. For music lovers — to keep yourself going and keep the beat going at the same time, look into RunPhones® headphones.

  • Shirts

    For both men and women, the recommended runners gear in colder months are form fitting upper garments which cover one's entire torso. While that may sound like bottling in the heat, these garments are made with breathable fabric to keep the body dry. Runners shirts can be worn on their own, or as a base layer underneath a jacket when it's extra cold.

  • Jackets

    When it comes to selecting the right jacket, you want to look for features that counter against outdoor conditions you're likely to experience in your area. These could include features such as being water resistant, wind resistant, moisture resistant, and so on. Outdoor jackets for runners can be worn with anything, but they layer especially well with the outdoor shirts we described in the paragraph above.

  • Footwear

    Just like you change your car to winter tires in the colder months, you should also be switching up your runners gear with shoes that are built to withstand outdoor conditions. Speaking of tires, did you know you could also stud the bottoms of your shoes like you can stud winter tires? It's possible, and the combination of outdoor sneakers and studded bottoms make for an excellent way to get around outdoors.

Wrapping it Up

These are some of the top ways to enhance your outdoor running over the coming seasons. We hope you're embracing the challenge and bringing RunPhones® with you along the way.

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