New Color and Cord Options Now Available!

November 23, 2012

We have just released a new color and new speaker options for RunPhones!

Black RunPhones are now available, in addition to green, blue, and orange.

The new cord options are for a standard cord ($34.95), in-line volume control ($44.95), or in-line volume control, play/pause, and microphone ($49.95).

The in-line volume control, play/pause, and microphone controller hangs about 10-12 inches from the back of the headband so you can answer important phone calls in the middle of a work out, without having to unplug anything. You can easily pause a song on your smart phone as well, if you reach a traffic intersection while running or someone wants to talk to you at the gym. This is a close up picture of the small, convenient controller. Plus, it offers all of the benefits of having in-line volume control.

close up of microphone control

This is a close up of the in-line volume control option. It hangs about 12 inches from the back of the headband. You don't have the reach for your phone to adjust music volume as you change work-out environments or songs. This makes it easy to just dial up or down the volume.

close up of volume control

A black cord goes with the black and blue headbands, and a white cord goes with the green and orange headbands.

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