Five tips to help keep your exercise New Year's resolution

January 31, 2011

When the New Year's celebrations are over, many of us focus on the resolution of getting more exercise. Surveys have found that 30 percent of those who make resolutions don't last into February and about 20 percent keep their resolutions going after six months or more.

With this in mind, we offered five tips for keeping a resolution of more exercise:

  • Don't try to get into tip-top shape in two weeks with an extreme exercise program. That is a sure way to injury and burn-out. It is better to start gradually, perhaps with a 15- minute walk, then work up to jogging.
  • If you are exercising at a gym, they will often offer a free orientation that sets you up with a program and teaches you proper form. Doing it right will help you keep exercising.
  • Exercising with music both motivates and makes it fun. "We created RunPhones so people can easily make music part of their exercise routine. They don’t fall out like earbuds," Dr. Lai said.
  • Reward yourself with an occasional reward after meeting a goal, like a new pair of running shoes or some new music downloads.
  • Finally, keep in mind that it takes two weeks to create a new habit, so keep up the new routine for 14 days, and it will get easier from there!
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