Customer Feedback is So Helpful!

August 30, 2010

We let our SleepPhones customers know about RunPhones today (2 days before the official launch) and one has already helped us! She pointed out that we did not have sizing information on the product pages yet. It's one of those totally obvious things that we didn't notice. She says on Facebook that she's currently using her SleepPhones for running. (She is in Australia, where it is winter.)

This example points out a few things:

  1. We love our customers! They are so nice and helpful. Please don't hesitate to write us. We won't take offense - we're always looking to improve our service and products. Of course, it gives us less heartburn if you formulate critique in a non-confrontational way. We're not like most large companies. We are a very small company with dedicated people who are here to help.
  2. Social media is a great resource for us. One of the misunderstanding some business people have about social media is that it's a great selling tool. Well, that's probably not the case. It may help, but being too pushy in that area can only be counter-productive. Social media is a fine marketing tool, helping to characterize the look and feel of a company. We are striving for an informal and friendly yet professional personality, since that is who we are. For us, the most important function of social media is customer service - our interaction with previous customers and potential customers. We answer lots of questions on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. We listen to our customers. Many of our customers have told us that they were using SleepPhones for many purposes other than for sleeping. Some asked for a lightweight version either because they sweat while sleeping or because they are using SleepPhones for sports. It took some time, but we are finally ready to present the Summer RunPhones!

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