Winter Exercise Tips

January 12, 2017

Winter Exercise Tips

Has winter got you down? Feeling less motivated to exercise? At a loss for what to do during the winter months? The cold weather is here, but don't let it put a deep freeze on your exercise plans until the next season! You just need the right winter exercises to keep you active throughout the next few months. Read on for the winter exercise tips you need to stay active this season.

Join a Gym

This need not apply to anyone who already has a gym membership, but if you primarily exercise outdoors it's an idea worth considering for the winter months. We understand running on a treadmill is not the same as running along your favorite trail, but the important thing is the gym will keep you active and in shape until the warm weather rolls around again.

Don't worry, joining a gym is not like signing a lease. Most gyms offer the option of paying month to month, allowing you to cancel any time. You can even pay per visit in most cases. If you enjoy the experience, great! If not, then there's no obligations.

Invest in a Personal Trainer

If you're new to the gym you may find it worthwhile to invest in a personal trainer. This often helps newcomers feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar setting, and is an excellent way to learn more about the facility and its equipment. They may even have some further winter exercise tips for when you're not at the gym.

Tell your personal trainer about the types of exercise you would normally do in the summer months, as well as the goals and milestones you aim to reach. They'll then customize a plan to meet your personal needs. Having a personal trainer also has the added benefit of staying motivated to keep going to the gym. Just like anything else in life, when you have a scheduled appointment it feels like you're accountable for showing up.

Winter Outdoor Exercise

Are you one of those people who lives for the outdoors? If working out in a gym just won't cut it for you, we've got plenty of tips for winter outdoor exercise that will satisfy your needs. Instead of feeling limited in the winter, look at it as the one time of year when you can enjoy activities like ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding. If any of these activities are new to you, then make sure to put one on your personal list of winter exercise tips and cross it off before the end of the season.

If you have a child, winter is a great opportunity to spend more time with them while getting exercise at the same time. You'd be surprised how physically demanding it can be just to play in the snow for an hour or two. Building forts, rolling snowballs to make a snowman, and having playful snowball fights all work various muscle groups. Going sledding can also be great cardio, think about how many times you have to walk back up the hill after sliding down. All the while you'll be bonding with your child and creating winter memories to last a lifetime.

Get the Right Gear

To complete our list of winter exercise tips we strongly recommend you get the right gear. You'll quickly grow to dislike winter outdoor exercise if you're not protected against the elements. Freezing temperatures, high winds, and snowfalls are all factors of winter outdoor exercise that you'll have to contend with.

Sports giants like Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, and so on all sell lines of thermal gear which is specifically designed to keep your body warm when exercising outdoors. If you're a runner, for example, with the right combination of thermal gear you can keep doing what you love even in the winter. Don't forget proper head and face coverings as well.

Work Out With Music

If you choose to work out solo, then working out with music is practically a necessity. Music can not only help you maintain a better workout pace, it can give you the extra energy and motivation to keep going when pushing yourself to the limits. The problem with exercising outdoors in the winter is that it's just plain uncomfortable to wear a pair of earbuds with with additional head gear over top. However, you can't workout outdoors without some kind of head covering — you'll freeze.

With RunPhones you can get the best of both worlds. Keep your workout fueled with music while keeping your ears toasty warm at the same time. We offer both wired and bluetooth versions to suit your personal preference. Personally, we recommend the bluetooth option for winter outdoor exercise. When you're already covered head to toe in thermal workout gear, the last thing you want is a wire getting in your way. Unlike other headphones, these are certain never to fall off no matter which option you choose. There are no warmer, more comfortable headphones on the market than RunPhones, we guarantee it.

Winter Exercise Tips: Conclusion

Winter is no time to slow down your exercise regimen, it's a time to start trying new things. Winter gives you a perfect reason to join a gym and reach new milestones with a personal trainer, learn a new outdoor sport, and spend more time with your child enjoying the snow. Gear up with the right apparel and accessories to ensure being outside is a more pleasant experience. Embrace the season with these winter exercise tips and the spring months will be around before you know it.

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